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Journalist Charged for Grabbing “The Wire” Actors Behind

42-year-old Gbenga Akinnagbe depicts the character Chris Partlow on the HBO series “The Wire.”

38-year-old Lola Adesioye is a Brooklyn journalist who writes for several publications.

According to reports, Akinnagbe and Adesioye share a connection outside of the professional realm. Adesioye rents a living space from Akinnagbe and was hired to do work for the man.

At the beginning of the year, Adesioye started a civil court case against Akinnagbe alleging she was still owed more than $14,000 for work she had done for him.

Akinnagbe filed a civil countersuit alleging that Adesioye had neglected to pay him nearly the same amount in rent.

The lawsuits were both settled and closed.

On two occasions, May 14 and June 18, 2020, Adesioye allegedly grabbed Akinnagbe by the buttocks.

A year later, the man claimed that she did so without his consent.

On May 27, 2021, the authorities spoke with Adesioye about the allegations, and it was reported that she said she “pinched his bum.”

Adesioye, who was reported as being surprised by the situation due to the pair’s connection, was arrested. She is being charged with two counts of forcible touching, sexual abuse, and harassment, and she spent nearly two days in jail.

She was indicted, and she is scheduled back in court on August 10.

Adesioye’s defense attorney stated that they have many items to present showing that his client was not in violation of the law. He said that there is proof that the pair had openly discussed their close and sometimes intimately physical relationship through digital means. He claims he will show that the allegations are entirely fabricated.

The prosecution has not released a comment at this time, and Akinnagbe stated that he would not discuss the case since it is ongoing.

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