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Inquisitive Google Search Linked Suspect to Drug Crime

An Iowa man suspected of stealing a motorcycle was reportedly caught by the authorities when he Googled to find out how long methamphetamine can remain in one’s system.

53-year-old Robert Perez is from Iowa City.

Late in the evening on July 16, Perez caught the attention of a police officer when he was riding on a blue 2009 Kawasaki motorcycle.

According to the police report, the officer did not specify exactly what the man was doing, but noted that Perez was “making non-sensical [SIC] actions.”

The officer ran the vehicle information and learned that the motorcycle had been reported as stolen.

Perez was pulled over. When the officer inquired about the ownership of the motorcycle, the man allegedly said that he borrowed it from someone that uses methamphetamine. Perez was reportedly unable to issue the owner’s identity.

The man allegedly admitted that he uses meth. He reportedly told the officer that he last injected himself with the substance approximately 5-hours before he was pulled over.

According to the authorities, Perez was found with a few syringe caps in his pockets.

The officer asked Perez to agree to roadside sobriety tests, but the man would not consent. When he took a breathalyzer test the results showed that he had no alcohol in his system.

Perez was placed under arrest. While he was being booked, Perez reportedly accessed Google on his cell phone and tried to find out how long it takes for methamphetamine to clear out of the body.

An officer nearby reported that they witnessed the search.

Perez was booked into the Johnson County Jail. He is expected to face charges for suspicion of theft, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, and driving with a suspended license.

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