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Journalist Kidnapped and Stole $200K from Elderly Mother  

A former Florida news columnist and regular guest of Tucker Carlson was arrested for allegedly bilking her mother out of more than $200,000 after forcing her into an assisted living facility. 

51-year-old Catherine Areu Jones works under the name of Cathy Areu, and she used to be a columnist for the Washington Post. She hosted a podcast called Liberal Sherpa, and she used the name “Liberal Sherpa” on the occasions that she was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox.  

Jones has an 88-year-old mother, and she used to have power of attorney, but it was reportedly revoked. 

In 2019, the authorities were notified by the Department of Children and Families because they had gotten reports about a situation involving Jones stealing money from her mother. 

An investigation was opened. The police got a signed warrant for Jones’ arrest in June, but they were unable to execute it when they could not find her current address. 

The investigators allege that Jones forced her mom into an assisted living facility twice by fraudulently using the power of attorney rights that she no longer had. They also said she manipulated her mother into putting her home in Jones’ name. 

A reverse mortgage was reportedly discovered, in addition to fraudulent credit cards and bank withdrawals in her mother’s name. It was posited that the alleged victim had more than $224,000 taken from her by her daughter. 

Jones was taken into custody on December 9 and booked into the Miami-Dade Jail on charges of exploitation of the elderly, organized scheme to defraud, conspiracy to commit organized scheme to defraud, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and fraudulent use of personal identification. She is being held without bond. 

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