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Man Used AirTags to Track Woman he Claimed was his Wife 

An Iowa man was arrested after allegedly placing several AirTags on a woman’s vehicle so he could track and stalk her. 

On December 5, a woman was driving her vehicle when the safety feature on an Apple AirTag sent a notification to let them know that their location was being tracked with the device. 

According to reports, the driver went directly to the police department in West Des Moines to tell them about the situation. 

When she was finished making a report, the woman got back into her vehicle and left the police station. 

A man arrived a short time after she left, and he informed the officers that he was the woman’s husband. He explained that he was under the impression that she was having an affair, and he thought she was doing so at the police station, so he came to the location when the AirTag indicated that she was. 

Two days later, the same woman got another notification that the AirTag system was tracking her movement. 

The woman went to the police department to tell them what was going on. Officers inspected her vehicle and reportedly found the device on top of her spare tire. 

A third AirTag was allegedly discovered in a plastic case near the front right tire. 

An officer saw the alleged suspect sitting in a car in the parking lot, and the man reportedly told him that he and his wife planned to meet at the police station. 

It was reported that the authorities learned that the man was not married to the woman, and they did not have any kind of romantic connection. The woman said she had blocked the man from contacting her in any way. 

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Polk County Jail. He is facing preliminary charges of stalking and unauthorized use of GPS and is being held in lieu of a $3,000 bond awaiting a preliminary hearing on December 19. 

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