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Juvenile Brings Loaded Gun to Garden Grove Middle School

On Monday, police received an anonymous tip that a student at Jordan Intermediate School in Garden Grove had a weapon. They responded and discovered an eighth grade student at that school had a .38 caliber semiautomatic handgun in his possession along with a loaded clip in his pocket. Nobody was injured.

The child was arrested and sent to Orange County Juvenile Hall on weapons charges. Police discovered that the handgun was registered to a member of his family. They quickly obtained a warrant and searched his home, where they found a .22 caliber firearm that was not registered. The owner of that gun was cited and released.

Four other boys at the same school are also in trouble. Because they knew that the boy had the weapon and did not report it to administration, they are facing suspension and/or expulsion.

Some parents are angry that the school did not do more to notify them of the danger. Many received only an automated phone message from the school.

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