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Juvenile Jail Guard Accused of Raping Teenage Inmate

A teenage girl serving time at a juvenile jail in Orlando, Florida, has accused one of the facility guards of raping her and said that he warned her against reporting the incident by issuing threats to her.

26-year-old Marcus Leon James has been employed as a corrections officer at the Orange County Regional Juvenile Assessment and Detention Center for three-and-a-half years.

On Sunday, near 11:00 p.m., James reportedly ordered two young women to go to separate sections of the facility for cleaning duties. After the girls began their work James allegedly approached one of them, age 17, and took her to an empty office. When he got her alone he allegedly hit her, and sexually assaulted her by making her perform oral sex on him before he penetrated her until he ejaculated.

After the reported incident took place James was said to have warned the victim that if she told anyone what had happened she would “never see the daylight again,” as stated in the arrest report. James then gave the victim a fast food hamburger from McDonald’s.

On Sunday the victim saw a medical professional and reported the alleged assault. The Department of Juvenile Justice reported that they are “working to ensure the necessary care and support” that the girl needs is given.

Officers spoke with James about the victim’s claims, and he said that he did not have any sexual interaction with her. Afterward, James changed his statement and said that he and the girl did have sex, but that they shared a friendly relationship and she had agreed to the encounter.

James was taken into custody and he is facing charges of sexual battery by a custodian on a person younger than 18, and sexual misconduct by a corrections officer.

When attending his bail hearing James informed the judge that the jail supervisor gave him permission to reassume his position after he was freed from incarceration, but the Department of Juvenile Justice reported that James has already been relieved of his duties.

James is being held without bail, and if he is convicted as charged he could face a sentence of life in prison.

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