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Abused and Captive Woman Asks for Help by Sneaking Note to Vet

On Friday afternoon, a woman who had allegedly been physically abused and was being held at gunpoint covertly handed a note to employees at her veterinarian’s office during a visit for her dog and asked them to notify the authorities.

Carolyn Reichle, and her boyfriend, 39-year-old Jeremy Floyd, share a home together in Volusia County. On Wednesday evening the couple was arguing over a fidelity accusation and Floyd reportedly assaulted Reichle throughout the night and used a loaded handgun to stop her from leaving the house. He allegedly held her under threat for two days while she recovered in bed from the beating.

28-year-old Reichle reasoned with Floyd on Friday, telling him that their dog was not well and needed to be taken to the veterinarian’s office for treatment, and he eventually gave in to her requests.

Floyd allegedly informed Reichle that he would be going with her, and he allegedly brought the loaded gun as they brought the pet to DeLand Animal Hospital. Reichle reported that on the way to the vet Floyd allegedly aimed the gun at her while cautioning her that he would murder her and her family.

After they arrived at the animal hospital Reichle said that she needed to use the bathroom and left Floyd in charge of the dog. When she noticed she had the chance, she carefully slipped a note that she had written to one of the employees of the facility stating, “Call the cops. My boyfriend is threatening me. He has a gun. Please don’t let him know.”

The Deland police responded to the call for help placed by the employee, and when they arrived Floyd was allegedly found in possession of a fully-loaded 9mm handgun. Officers confiscated the weapon and apprehended Floyd before notifying the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department due to the county that the suspected assault had taken place.

Sheriff’s deputies took Floyd into custody and he was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail where he is being held without bail. Floyd, a previously convicted felon, is facing felony charges of aggravated assault with a weapon, illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, false imprisonment, and simple battery.

Authorities escorted Reichle to Florida Hospital where they tended to her injuries. She has chosen not to press charges against Floyd, but he is still being charged by the police.

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