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Kidnapper with Several Weapons Caught After 5-Mile Chase 

An alleged kidnapper with several weapons in their vehicle grabbed a screaming woman and led the police on a miles-long chase when they tried to rescue her from potential harm. 

On the morning of November 7, a 29-year-old Texas man allegedly had an interaction with a woman in Amarillo. She was screaming, and the man allegedly forced her into a silver Hyundai. 

The Amarillo Police Department was notified about the situation, and they went to the area where the incident was taking place. 

When the officers showed up, they tried to get the man driving the vehicle to pull over so they could speak to him. 

It was reported that he quickly drove off instead of complying. 

Officers began to chase after him, and the man made them trail after him for approximately five miles. 

With the police still in pursuit of the suspect, the authorities set up tactical equipment to try to force him to stop the vehicle. 

Shortly after, the man drove over spike strips, and he was unable to take the car any further. 

It was reported that the suspect exited his vehicle and started to run away from the police in a purported attempt to escape. He was caught after a short chase. 

When the vehicle was searched, it was reported that the police found five guns, a sword, and a machete. 

The suspect was placed under arrest and booked into the Potter County Detention Center. He is facing multiple preliminary charges, including aggravated kidnapping with bodily injury, evading arrest/detention with a vehicle, possession of a controlled substance, unlawful carrying of a weapon, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also found to have two local active municipal warrants. 

It was reported that the alleged victim is safe. 

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