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Jail Deputy Arrested for Driving Drunk in County Vehicle  

An allegedly intoxicated jail deputy in Benton County was taken into custody after leaving a wedding reception in an unmarked county vehicle with weapons and ammunition inside.  

Late in the evening on October 30, a deputy who works at a jail in Benton County, Arkansas, was departing from a wedding that was held at the Crystal Rivers Museum. 

According to reports, the deputy was using an unmarked county car as transportation to and from the celebration, and he reportedly had three pistols, a loaded rifle magazine, several boxes of ammunition, and a gas mask in the vehicle. 

A security guard working at the museum reportedly saw the deputy as the man walked to the car, and they said he had trouble standing upright. He also allegedly had an altercation with someone else in the parking lot.  

The Benton Police Department was notified by the deputy, who reported what they witnessed and said they believed the man was drunk when he departed in his vehicle. 

Officers located the deputy nearby, and he was pulled over. 

According to reports, the deputy first told the officers that he did not have anything to drink, but later said he had a single glass of wine. 

It was reported that the deputy showed indications of intoxication. He reportedly consented to a roadside sobriety test, and the officers said that he did not perform well. 

The deputy was taken to the Benton Police Department where he was given a breath test. The results showed a BAC of .15, which is almost double the legal limit. 

He was booked into the Benton County Jail. He is facing a preliminary charge of violating the omnibus DWI act, first offense. Following a sober hold, the deputy was released on his own recognizance.  

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