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Kindergartner With Loaded Gun Went Unnoticed For Full School Day

After an entire day with the weapon on the campus of a Pittsburgh elementary school, a young child was found with a loaded gun that he allegedly brought with him on Monday morning.

On February 18, at Faison K-5, a seemingly typical day took place while a hidden potential threat to safety was allegedly tucked away in a kindergarten student’s backpack that was kept inside his locker.

At the end of the day when the kids boarded the bus to return to their homes, the child with the reportedly offending backpack contents shared with one of the other students that he had a loaded gun in his bag.

When the other boy reportedly saw the weapon he told the bus driver. The man reportedly quickly took the gun away from the child and told the school officials what was going on, and the loaded handgun was given to the authorities.

The Pittsburgh Public Schools got the word out to all of the parents of children enrolled at Faison and told them about the alleged incident using an automatic phone call system. They also informed them that due to the nature of the situation they would be implementing their previously-unused metal detectors, in addition to the checking of personal belongings when the kids come to school each day.

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police were stationed at the school the next morning as parents, who gave interviews to news stations stating conflicting opinions about the new security measures, ushered their children into the line for the new procedures.

Some of the parents expressed feeling that the kids will now feel like inmates instead of students, while others said that if this is the type of response the school intended for this type of incident they should have been “proactive and not reactive.”

The investigation into how the entire event transpired is still ongoing, and the parents of the boy who reportedly had the gun could face criminal charges.

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