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Rowdy Pinball Player Scores Charges For Assaulting Cops

An allegedly drunken pinball player who became angered by her gaming experience reportedly physically got her kicks in against an EMT and several law enforcement officers when her conduct led to her arrest.

Kilee Nicole Cunningham, 26, was hanging out at a Plainfield Township bowling alley having some cocktails and playing pinball in the late-night hours.

Just before the clock struck 12, Cunningham, who was allegedly three sheets to the wind, had been playing a game of pinball when her money was lost in the machine.

Though a staff member gave her back the lost change Cunningham allegedly smashed the glass on the gaming device and it was requested that she leave the premises.

Cunningham, who had switched to drinking water, allegedly approached the bar and asked for another alcoholic beverage instead of obeying the request. When the bartender declined it was reported that Cunningham responded by dousing the employee with the contents of her water glass before walking out.

The authorities were called to the bowling alley and they said that when they found Cunningham walking a little bit up the road she was dangerously drunk to a point that they had concerns for her well-being in addition to the safety of others.

She denied to present the officer with personal information, but Cunningham had her medical marijuana card on her and it was used to learn her identity.

When they tried to place her under arrest Cunningham was allegedly very non-compliant, and after struggling to place her in handcuffs she was eventually put into the police car.

While she was seated in the car, Cunningham allegedly maintained her angry disposition. She was reported as not willing to remain in the seat, and when the authorities decided to implement leg restraints she allegedly kicked two officers, struck one of them in the head with her own head, and began to spit.

Due to concerns about the amount of alcohol she had consumed the police called for paramedics so that Cunningham could be checked by medical professionals to ensure that she was not in physical danger.

Cunningham reportedly did not believe she needed to go to the hospital so she allegedly made it difficult for the EMT’s to work with her resulting in allegations that she had bitten one of them on the arm. A mask to contain her reported continued spitting was put on Cunningham, and it was ultimately determined that they needed to sedate her.

After her arrest, Cunningham was charged with three counts of aggravated assault, three counts of simple assault, one count of resisting arrest, one count of disorderly conduct, one count of harassment, and one count of public drunkenness. The judge at her arraignment also said that Cunningham is required to undergo evaluations for her mental health, in addition to drug and alcohol assessment. She is being held in the county jail in lieu of $30,000 bail.

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