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Lap Dancer’s Public Act Grinded to a Halt by Cops

A reportedly intoxicated woman allegedly soliciting lap dances to passersby was accused of offering police a public “grind,” and becoming violent with the paramedics.

28-year-old Olivia Taylor-Washek lives in St. Petersburg. She is currently reportedly entered into a competition to appear as the cover girl on Maxim magazine.

The Florida woman reportedly went out on the evening of April 24, and she headed to a local drinking establishment.

Later in the evening, Washek allegedly left the business and moved her hangout spot to the sidewalk in front of the bar.

Washek, who was allegedly very drunk and unsteady, reportedly started approaching strangers in the area and offering to give them lap dances.

The St. Petersburg Police Department was notified about the situation, and officers went to the location.

When they arrived, the police reported that the woman was still stumbling around and smelled of spirits. They called for emergency medical response to ensure her safety.

When the paramedics offered the woman treatment, Washek allegedly vehemently declined by telling them she would strike them “if they touched her.”

The officers reportedly told Washek they would allow her to contact someone to pick her up, but she allegedly chose to ignore the suggestion. They also reportedly told Washek they would be willing to walk her back to her apartment, which she also declined.

Washek reportedly loudly shouted what was purported to be obscene comments to people in the area and allegedly proposed that the police “bang her.”

The woman allegedly began to escalate her outlandish behavior, and according to the affidavit, she tried to claim that the officers “were going to shoot her.”

Washek was placed under arrest. She was incarcerated, charged for suspicion of disorderly intoxication, and released the following day.

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