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Police Rescued 9-Year-Old from Murderous Neighbor

A man allegedly holding a neighbor’s child captive in his basement and abusing her was caught by police, who asserted that he had intentions of murdering the girl.

On the evening of April 19, police in Lafayette, Indiana, were called by a concerned parent about her 9-year-old girl that had been missing for over half an hour.

When speaking with the parents about the situation, they reportedly told the authorities that the only person who had mentioned seeing their daughter was their neighbor, James Brian Chadwell II.

Police scoured the neighborhood and spoke with the residents surrounding the young girl’s address.

When they reached Chadwell’s residence, the police asked him about the girl, and he reportedly said he did not know where she was.

The officers asked if they could come inside and look around, and Chadwell reportedly allowed them to enter his home.

While they were inside, the police reported that they saw a chain affixed on the basement door, and they became suspicious.

After opening the door, the officers were greeted by a youngster identified as the missing girl.

The child was reportedly sobbing, covered in bruises, and had marks on her neck that indicated she had been strangled. The girl also reportedly displayed several injuries purportedly caused by a dog biting her. The police also believe Chadwell sexually abused the child.

The youngster spoke with the authorities about what had taken place, and they reported that she said she went into Chadwell’s house to pet his dogs.

She reportedly told the police that Chadwell said he would kill her if she made any sounds or told anyone what was happening.

Chadwell was placed under arrest, and he is facing charges for attempted murder, two counts of child molesting, kidnapping, criminal confinement, and battery resulting in serious bodily injury and strangulation.

He is being held on a $50,000 bond.

The alleged victim was taken to a local hospital.

The authorities also suspect Chadwell may be involved in the infamous Delphi murders of two teenagers in 2017.

When his family was interviewed, they reported that Chadwell has shown many indications that he would commit the types of crimes of which he has been accused.

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