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Las Vegas Casino Scammed for Over $1 Million

A Nevada man is facing charges after allegedly taking part in the theft scam of a casino for over $1 million.

On June 17, someone called the Circa Las Vegas Resort and Casino in downtown Las Vegas at approximately 4:30 AM and said that they were the owner of the establishment. The caller said he needed $320,000 from the casino vault to make a payment for fire safety equipment.

The cage supervisor was told to deposit the funds into a Bitcoin ATM located at a local Terrible’s gas station. A while later, she was instructed to meet someone she was told was a Circa lawyer at an auto parts store and give them $350,000.

After the first two transactions were complete, the cage manager was told to bring an additional $500,000 to a nearby restaurant and give it to the same person she believed was an attorney for the casino.

When suspicions were raised at the casino, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was notified about the purported scam, and they opened an investigation.

Surveillance from the restaurant where the woman handed over the $500,000 was checked and the automobile and license plate number of the man she met were revealed.

The police tracked down the person they believed was driving the van and pretending to be an attorney for Circa.

According to reports, the van was next to a trailer, and when the trailer was searched the authorities found a bag of money labeled “Circa.” The bag was filled with $849,000.

On June 18, the 23-year-old suspect was taken into custody and booked into the Clark County Detention Center. He is facing preliminary charges of theft of more than $100,000. He is currently incarcerated in lieu of a $45,000 bond.

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