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Oregon Man Assaulted Woman and Kidnapped Child

An Oregon man is facing charges after allegedly violating a restraining order and assaulting a woman before kidnapping a youngster in a public parking lot.

Just after 10:00 p.m. on June 23, a man and woman were in a Eugene parking lot with a young child. It was reported that the man assaulted the woman before grabbing the child and putting her in his SUV. The man reportedly drove away with the youngster and left the woman in the parking lot.

Someone notified 911 about the incident, and officers from the Eugene Police Department went to the area to investigate the situation. Several officers scoured the area, and they quickly located the woman who was allegedly assaulted.

It was discovered that the woman had an active restraining order against the man, and he is legally prohibited from spending time alone with the child.

For the next two hours, the authorities searched all over trying to locate the youngster. The Eugene Police Violent Crimes Unit assisted in the search.

Eventually, it was discovered that the young girl was left in the care of someone the alleged kidnapper knew before he took off.

According to reports, almost a week later, the authorities were notified about a trespasser who was causing a disturbance. They believed it was the man who allegedly kidnapped the child. He was gone before the police arrived, but they were led to believe that the suspect they were seeking bought a ticket on a train that was heading North.

When the train stopped in Albany, it was searched by police, and they learned that the man had not boarded.

Later that day, someone called the police to report another disturbance, and they discovered that the person involved was the one they were seeking.

The 35-year-old man was placed under arrest and booked into the Lane County Jail. He is facing many preliminary charges including violation of a restraining order, assault in the fourth degree APA (Abuse Prevention Act), coercion, second-degree custodial interference, and first-degree kidnapping.

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