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Lost Florida Man Stole Amazon Delivery Van

A Florida man was arrested last weekend when he allegedly stole an Amazon van and drove more than 20 miles before he was apprehended at a gas station.

On February 18, a driver for Amazon was operating a company van while delivering packages in Ormond Beach, which is just north of Daytona Beach. While at one of the addresses on his route, the driver encountered a man who reportedly climbed into the driver’s seat of the van and started the vehicle. The driver tried to prevent the man from taking the van, but the alleged thief drove away.

According to reports, the Amazon van had a real-time video camera in the vehicle, and when the management learned about the alleged theft, they began using the feed to track the location. They reported that they could see the driver, and he seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness. The authorities were notified about the situation.

The driver traveled approximately 20 miles before pulling over and stopping at a Circle K convenience store.

Deputies from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department located the van, in addition to the man who had allegedly stolen it. When they spoke to the man, the deputies reported that he told them he had gotten lost, and that he was sorry for taking the van.

He was treated for dehydration at a local hospital, and then taken into custody and booked into the Volusia County Jail. According to records, he is facing preliminary charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle, trafficking in methamphetamine (14 grams to 28 grams), and possession of cannabis (not more than 20 grams). He is being held in lieu of a $30,500 bond.

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