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Luxury Community Penetrated by Sex Trafficking Brothel

A woman was arrested when the police reportedly exposed that she was allegedly using her home as a den of iniquity and purported that she was using human trafficking victims as sex workers.

50-year-old Anna Domino rents an extravagant home in the Deerwood Country Club private community.

The 5 bedrooms 4 bathroom home is worth more than $600,000, and President Nixon used the lavish community to hold a talk in 1975.

According to the authorities, Domino shared the home with at least six other women. She reportedly dubbed it “The Fungeon” when referring to the living quarters on the internet.

Domino allegedly hosts a group called “The Prostate Queens,” and pornographic video content is reportedly uploaded to many of her online profiles.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office reported that they started receiving reports from Domino’s neighbors, and they noted that the authorities had to visit the home nine times in 24 months for a variety of incidents.

After conducting an initial investigation, the authorities went back to the home last Tuesday.

The police were met by Domino and a second woman when they arrived.

When they looked inside the residence, the authorities purported that the other women living there might be victims of human trafficking.

The police asserted that Domino was profiting off of the women and that they may be unaware that “someone is making money off of what they’re doing.”

Domino was taken into custody on January 19, and she was booked into the county jail on a $25,000 bond. She is expected to face charges for a minimum of 9 counts relating to prostitution, soliciting for prostitution, and the operation of an illegal adult business.

The other woman at the scene was also taken into custody and charged, but her name is not being released since she may be the victim of sex trafficking.

The authorities are continuing their investigation to try to determine if the other women were unknowingly preyed upon.

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