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Suspect Made Emergency Food Run in Stolen Ambulance

A man in Texas allegedly hopped into and stole an on-duty ambulance and headed to a fast food drive-thru with the emergency vehicle.

36-year-old Renaldo Dechaume Leonard resides in Houston, Texas. Leonard is currently on probation for prior theft convictions.

On January 21, paramedics were on call in a Houston Fire Department ambulance that was left unattended while they responded at the scene.

According to the police, Leonard spotted the unmanned emergency vehicle and hopped inside.

The man allegedly pulled away in the ambulance and then drove approximately 4-miles to a nearby Jack in the Box fast food restaurant.

With the vehicle’s emergency lights left on and flashing, Leonard reportedly entered the drive-thru in a purported attempt to obtain food.

It was likely not difficult for the authorities to track down the eye-catching bright and colorful flashing ambulance, and when police pulled up to the Jack in the Box they reported that Leonard was still in the ordering lane.

As stated in the police report, it is believed that Leonard took the ambulance “with the intent to deprive the complainant of the property,” which has an estimated value of more than $150,000.

Leonard, who probably did not get to enjoy his food order, was placed under arrest and booked into the Harris County Jail on a $100,000 bond. He is expected to face charges for felony theft.

Prosecutors reported that they preferred if he would be held without bond, and they additionally plan to file a motion to revoke his probation.

Leonard has a scheduled court appearance on January 28 regarding the charges.

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