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Maggots Found in Neglected Elderly Woman’s Urine

A woman in the care of her daughter and granddaughter was reportedly discovered in a health-compromising state of neglect, and the authorities have charged the caregiving family members for the allegations.

47-year-old Shannon Tipton lives with and cares for her 74-year-old mother, of whom she has financial power of attorney, at a residence in Pittsylvania County. Shannon’s daughter, 26-year-old Brianna Tipton, also lives at the address. It was reported that Shannon is given payment from Medicare for the aid she provides to her mother.

On March 18, Sovah Hospital in Danville was administering treatment and care to Shannon’s mother, and after putting a Foley catheter in place the woman was released and allowed to return home.

On April 2, approximately 2-weeks after her initial release, the woman was brought back to the hospital.

When the medical staff inspected the woman’s body, they reported that they could see lesions indicative of bedsores that were forming.

The woman’s catheter was checked, and it was reported that maggots were inside her urine and vagina.

The hospital gave the woman treatment and allowed her to go home with her daughter and granddaughter afterward.

At the beginning of May, Pittsylvania County Department of Social Services – Adult Protective Services learned about the elderly woman’s condition from the hospital and notified the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office about the situation.

When discussing the allegations with the authorities, both suspects allegedly said that they have a nighttime routine of locking the woman in her room so that she will not wander off, and she is put to bed at 9:00 pm. They reportedly added that they return to see how she is doing around 9:00 am.

On July 13, Shannon and Brianna Tipton were taken into custody, and they are each facing charges for suspicion of felony abuse, and neglect of incapacitated an adult resulting in serious bodily injury or disease.

Both women were housed in the Lynchburg Adult Detention Center with no bond.

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