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12-Year-Old Implicated in Felonious Truck Theft

A 12-year-old from Delaware allegedly swiped a truck parked in front of a store and caused two collisions before forcing the authorities to run after him when they tried to intervene.

On July 18, a 41-year-old man parked his Ford Ranger in New Castle Wawa market’s lot without locking the doors or turning off the ignition while he ran inside for a moment.

When the man came out of the establishment he said he saw a juvenile in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, and the youngster took off in the truck before he could stop him.

Around noon, Delaware State Police troopers were told of the incident and went in search of the juvenile and allegedly stolen truck.

While looking around the vicinity of the market, the authorities said they found the boy inside the truck behind a motel, but when they tried to get him to pull over, the suspect allegedly pulled onto the road and drove off.

The police followed the truck and reported that while trailing behind, they viewed as it smashed into a parked vehicle, made a U-turn, and slammed into a guardrail while speeding.

When the boy emerged from the vehicle he allegedly tried to run away, but the troopers quickly caught up and detained him.

Following his arrest, the young suspect was charged with felony theft of a motor vehicle, felony hindering prosecution, felony disregarding a police officer signal, resisting arrest, leaving the scene of a property collision accident, driving without a valid license, careless driving, two counts of driving at an unreasonable or imprudent speed, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to report a collision, and two counts of failure to remain within a single lane.

His bond was set at $8,008, and after the balance was taken care of, the boy was allowed to go home with his guardian.

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