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Man Accused of Abusing Police Calls by Making Odd Social Requests

A reportedly lonely and intoxicated Waukesha man was incarcerated after
allegedly making several calls to the police department in a short period of time
and asking the dispatchers to get personally acquainted with him.
According to official documents, on January 21, 47-year-old Benjamin Duddles
called the Waukesha Police Department a total of four times between 12:15 am and
12:52 am. They reported that they have also received calls from the same man on
several other occasions.
When the first dispatcher interacted with Duddles she said the man expressed his
desire to “spend some quality time” with her, although she does not know him.
A second dispatcher reportedly received a call from Duddles wherein the man
proposed that they “fool around” with each other.
After the fourth call, wherein Duddles allegedly expressed his love for a female
dispatcher, the authorities went to the man’s home to check on his well-being at his
When two officers arrived at Duddles’ dwelling the man was reportedly standing
outside and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.
The police watched as Duddles walked into his home and allegedly expressed that
he wanted them to accompany him inside.
After the officers were inside the apartment, they reportedly discovered a glass
pipe that they believe was used for smoking marijuana, due to the suspicion that a
couple of bags of what appeared to be pot, but were labeled as CBD, were laying
One of the officers at the scene asked Duddles why he thought he needed police to
check on him, but the man reportedly did not give an answer.
It was known by the police that Duddles has current criminal charges for which he
is out on bond with an order stating that his consumption of any drugs or alcohol
would be limited to prescriptions, and he was taken into custody due to the
substance and paraphernalia found in his apartment.
Duddles is now facing additional allegations including two drug charges, and
unlawful phone use.

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