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“Mighty Ducks” Star Arrested for Drugs and Robbery

Television and film actor Shaun Weiss was recently arrested when he allegedly
broke into a stranger’s garage and automobile while on methamphetamine.
40-year-old Shaun Weiss is an actor who began his career on the TV show Pee
Wee’s Playhouse, and was most notable for his roles in the films Mighty Ducks
and Heavyweights.
Last weekend, the Marysville Police Department responded to a call from a
homeowner who said he believed someone had broken into his garage and entered
his car, but the man lives alone and did not recognize the suspect as someone he
The purported stranger was still in the car when the police arrived, and they said a garage
window had been broken and there was glass on the ground. They purported that
the suspect had used that method to gain access to the private property.
The rear window of the resident’s vehicle was broken as well, and the authorities
believed the suspect had caused that damage while he was in the garage.
When the police spoke with the suspect, identified as Shaun Weiss, they reportedly
stopped him in the midst of going through the items inside the car. It was
additionally alleged that he showed physical signs of being under the influence of
Weiss, who went to a rehabilitation center after separate arrests involving
methamphetamines, and drunk in public, allegedly told the officers that he was
aware that the automobile didn’t belong to him and that he didn’t live at the
The officers placed Weiss under arrest and he was booked into the Yuba County
Jail for suspicion of residential burglary, and methamphetamine use. His bail was
set at $52,000.
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