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Man Accused of Battery for Hitting Partner with Novelty Fish

A man who discovered that his partner had thrown away his Big Mouth Billy Bass is facing domestic violence charges after he allegedly threw the item which then struck his companion.

54-year-old Gregory Carney and his life partner, 52-year-old Larry Timmerman have shared a relationship for 17 years, and they reside together in a Florida home.

On April 22, Carney and Timmerman were having a spat that was said to have continued throughout the day. Carney, knowing that Timmerman was irritated by the singing fish, began entering and exiting the room while playing with his Big Mouth Billy Bass in an alleged attempt to annoy his partner. The novelty item plays recorded clips from the songs “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” and “Take Me to the River” when depressing a button, while a toy fish mounted to a wooden wall plaque turns its head and moves its mouth along with the tune.

When Timmerman had reached his limit with the behavior he reportedly threw the singing mounted fish in the garbage to eradicate the problem. Carney was unable to locate the item and asked Timmerman if he knew where it was, and Timmerman said that he had thrown it away.

Carney became upset and removed his fish from the trash before allegedly throwing it in Timmerman’s direction. The plaque reportedly hit Timmerman in the head and resulted in a laceration.

Timmerman left the home and went to sit in his car while he waited for the authorities to arrive. When an officer from the Sebastian Police Department responded he was still inside the vehicle tending to his forehead wound.

When the officer spoke with Carney about what had taken place he allegedly admitted that he had thrown the item, but he said that he did not intend for it to hit his partner and that he had only meant to throw it in that general direction.

Carney was taken into custody and booked into the Indian River County Jail where he was charged with misdemeanor battery domestic violence and held until he posted $500 bond later that evening. His arraignment is scheduled for May 15.

Timmerman reported that he did not suffer from severe enough injury to warrant treatment.

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