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Man Accused of DUI Says His Dog was the Driver

A man who was driving on an interstate near Port St. Lucie was suspected of operating his vehicle while intoxicated, but he allegedly explained to the authorities that his dog was the driver of the car.

When 56-year-old Scott Garrett reportedly had gotten in a spat with his girlfriend regarding his dog before he drove off in his Nissan.

A few hours after he left his girlfriend’s home Garrett was allegedly seen driving down the interstate, and State troopers in the vicinity noticed that his car was merging from lane to lane in an erratic fashion.

Garrett was pulled over and asked to exit his vehicle to talk with an officer, and his car allegedly had a strong smell of alcohol permeating from the interior. He also appeared to struggle when trying to stand up without assistance, and he was reported as being barefoot. The officer additionally stated that Garrett showed visible physical signs leading to the suspicion that he might be drunk.

While speaking with the authorities Garrett allegedly requested a ride to his house and said that his dog was the party driving the car, not himself.

Officers administered field sobriety tests, which Garrett requested to be allowed to perform barefoot for his comfort. His performance led police to further believe that he was intoxicated, and when he was given a breath test it registered his blood alcohol content as well above the legal limit.

Garrett was arrested on suspicion of DUI, to which he has entered a plea of not guilty. He is scheduled to appear in court for the charges on July 30.

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