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Man Accused of Sexual Crimes against Child, Deer, and Canine 

Images of an Oregon man accused of raping a child he was babysitting reportedly depict him sexually engaging with a dog, and a dead or unconscious deer. 

32-year-old Damon J. Cervantes resides in Portland.  

On September 25, Cervantes was reportedly babysitting a 3-year-old child. Two additional children, whose relationship to Cervantes was not disclosed, were also at his home. 

Cervantes allegedly raped the toddler he was caring for while the other children watched. He allegedly told the kids not to say anything to anyone about what had taken place. 

The other children disregarded Cervantes’ alleged attempt to stop them from talking about the situation. It was reported that they discussed what they saw with an adult, and the authorities were notified. 

An investigation into the claims was opened, and three days after the report was made Cervantes was invited to meet with detectives to discuss the allegations.  

When Cervantes talked to the authorities, he said that the children were making up the incident. The man said that he had proof on his cell phone showing that it was not possible for him to have had sex with the 3-year-old at the time that it was believed to have occurred. 

Cervantes showed screenshots to support his assertions, and he allowed the police to download everything on his phone so they could look through it. 

While searching through his media files, the detectives reported that they found videos that they believe implicate Cervantes in additional sexual offenses.  

It was reported that they saw a video of someone they believed to be Cervantes sexually assaulting a dog while the canine was wearing a shirt with the words, “What day is it? HUMPDAY.” 

They also reportedly discovered a video of a deer that they believe was either deceased or drugged to the point of unconsciousness. There was a person in the video that was having sex with the deer, but their face was not seen in the film clip. The authorities asserted that it was Cervantes. 

On October 11, Cervantes was taken into custody and booked into the Inverness Jail. He is facing charges for more than 25 sexual offenses related to the situation. 

Cervantes has pleaded not guilty to all allegations against him. 

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