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Man Attacked Cellmate Due to Stinky Habits

A man in a Florida jail was reportedly attacked after he offended his cellmate with his odorous gas and failure to flush the toilet regularly.
33-year-old Christopher Callen has been incarcerated since September after he did not register as a sex offender as is required since his 2012 conviction for a sex crime.
His cellmate, 57-year-old Amado Dominguez-Quevedo, was jailed for aggravated battery and indecent exposure in February.
Both men are housed in the Monroe County Detention Center.
On the evening of November 4, Callen and Dominguez-Quevedo reportedly got into a physical altercation.
The alleged attack was reportedly inspired by Callen losing his patience with the way his cellmate conducted himself in their shared space. He asserted that the man does not have courteous toilet habits when pooping and that he regularly expels foul-smelling gas. He said that Dominguez-Quevedo also “speaks in weird languages.”
According to an arrest report from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, when law enforcement arrived to deal with the situation, Dominguez-Quevedo was receiving medical attention for injuries. It was reported that his eye and mouth were bleeding, swollen, and bruised, he had more than one missing tooth, and one of his ribs was broken.
Dominguez-Quevedo reportedly said he was in the middle of cleaning the toilet when his cellmate started beating him with his fists, and he did not know what caused the incident.
The police asserted that the alleged victim’s injuries were the result of Callen assaulting him.
When Callen discussed the incident with the authorities, they noted that his hands looked as if he recently used them in an assault.
Callen, who has been ordered to completely stay away from the alleged victim, is facing charges for felony aggravated battery against a person detained in a correctional facility.
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