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Man and Wife Pilfered $1000 Worth of Beer

A married couple in Louisiana is facing charges after they purportedly stole many cases of beer totaling over $1000 in estimated value from local Target stores.

At the beginning of March, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation regarding claims made by two local Target stores reporting that they had merchandise swiped from their beer section on six different dates.

The first alleged beer theft occurred on February 24, and the reported following incidents took place through February 29.

When security footage was viewed by the authorities, it appeared as if a man and a woman were loading shopping carts with cases of beer and then fleeing the premises without paying for the products. They reported that it seemed as if the same two people had been involved in all of the alleged theft events.

One of the deputies involved in the investigation reportedly recognized the woman, identified as 32-year-old Ashley Forbes. It was asserted that her husband, 35-year-old Matthew Forbes was the other person depicted in the video clips.

On March 8, the Forbes’ were reportedly inside a Walmart store in Baton Rouge when they were nabbed for additional alleged theft attempts.

According to news sources, Matthew had placed a drill in his pants and Ashley was trying to exchange goods that she did not buy from the store.

Both Matthew and Ashley were taken into custody, and they were both incarcerated in the East Baton Rouge Prison for the accusations.

Matthew and Ashley Forbes are each facing charges for suspicion of theft, and entry on or remaining in places after being forbidden. The second charge is the result of them previously being banned from similar stores.

Ashley is additionally facing drug charges.

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