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Man Arrested a Second Time for Sex with Horses

A man with a prior criminal case in April regarding sexual activity with a horse was arrested again when he was allegedly recently found near two horses with his genitals exposed. 

On April 28, the man was caught at a home in Melrose Township, where he was caught having sex with a horse while feeding it apples.

The result was his being booked into the Adams County Jail on one count of unlawful sexual contact with an animal, a class four felony, one misdemeanor count of criminal trespass to land, and one count of criminal damage of property. After the case was opened, the suspect agreed to plead guilty to criminal damage of property for injuring a domestic animal of another without consent, and prosecutors chose not to pursue the sexual contact with an animal and criminal trespass charges. He received a sentence of time served, two years of probation, and an order for an evaluation of his mental health.

It was near 1:00 AM on July 23, when the authorities were notified by someone reporting that they spotted a stranger on their property when looking at the feed from their surveillance camera. The man was reportedly seen near the stable.

Deputies from the Adams County Sheriff’s Department went to the location to investigate the report. When they got to the property, they looked around for a bit before they came across a man near the horse barn.

According to reports, the deputy who first saw him found that he had his pants down. He was allegedly near two horses with his private parts visible.

The recent alleged incident has led to the man being booked into the Adams County Jail on a $100 bond. He may face charges on suspicion of criminal trespass.

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