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Man Arrested After Continually Crashing into Police Car 

 A Utah man was arrested for multiple charges after reportedly slamming his vehicle into a police car several times, and injuring officers responding to a domestic situation at his home. 

Around 11:00 PM on November 20, a family in a St. George residence got into an argument that required police intervention. 

Officers with the St. George Police Department went to the address to investigate. One of the people was identified as a 34-year-old man with an active warrant for violation of a protective order and outstanding domestic violence charges. 

The suspect was reportedly sitting in his vehicle but was not in the driver’s seat. 

According to reports, the police ordered the man to get out of the vehicle, but he slid into the driver’s seat and started the engine. 

The man reportedly started to drive away, but a police vehicle was obstructing the path. He allegedly smashed his truck into the car several times. 

Afterward, the suspect left the scene on foot and forced the authorities to search for him for several hours. 

When the authorities located the man, he reportedly tried to escape again, and they used stun guns to stop him. It was reported that two officers were mildly injured during the struggle. 

The suspect was taken into custody. He is expected to face charges for five counts of second-degree felony assault on peace officer/military with the use of a dangerous weapon, two counts of third-degree felony disarming officer energy device, third-degree felony failure to respond to an officer’s signal to stop, third-degree felony criminal mischief, third-degree felony intentional damage/deface/destroy property, misdemeanor assault on a peace officer or military member in uniform, two counts of misdemeanor domestic violence in the presence of a child, misdemeanor accident property damage with knowledge of accident, two counts of misdemeanor interference with an arresting officer, and misdemeanor assault. 

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