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Man Taunted Police with Gun He Used in Attempted Robbery 

A Pennsylvania man is facing several charges after allegedly pulling a gun on a store clerk, in addition to using the firearm to taunt the police that responded to the situation. 

Around 2:00 PM, a 53-year-old man entered a New Castle Dollar General store and asked the clerk if he could purchase a pack of cigarettes.  

According to reports, during the transaction, the man allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the cashier. 

The man reportedly left the location in a silver Honda. 

After the authorities were notified about the incident, officers with the New Castle Police Department went to the store to investigate the situation. 

They collected the description of the automobile, and the police began to search the area for the suspect. 

Close to the store, the authorities located the Honda parked at a residence. 

Law enforcement lined up around the home, and when the man walked outside, he allegedly had a pistol in his hand. 

According to reports, the suspect aimed the weapon at the sky and exclaimed, “boom, boom, boom.” 

The man reportedly headed for his vehicle in a purported attempt to drive away. 

The police tried ordering him to stop, but the man reportedly continued walking to his car. 

It was reported that the suspect climbed into the automobile, but the officers were eventually able to get him to cooperate before he left the location. 

The man was taken into custody and booked into the Lawrence County Detention Center. It is currently expected that he will face charges of attempted robbery, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and terroristic threats. 

A court hearing regarding the matter is scheduled for November 30. 

No one was reported as being harmed during the incident. 

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