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Man Asked Police to Check His Meth for Bath Salts 

A Florida man reportedly called the authorities and asked them to test the methamphetamine that he purchased when he became concerned that the substance was bath salts. 

41-year-old Thomas Colucci lives in Spring Hill, Florida. 

On March 10, Colucci reportedly visited a local bar.  

While he was at the establishment, Colucci allegedly bought two baggies of what he believed was methamphetamine from another patron. 

When Colucci went back to his home, he reportedly used some of the contents of one of the bags.  

The man did not feel the way he expected, so he called 911 and asked that they send law enforcement officers to his house so that they could check his product to see if he unknowingly bought bath salts instead of meth. 

Deputies from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office obliged Colucci’s reported call for assistance, and they headed to the man’s residence. 

When they arrived, the deputies spoke with Colucci. He allegedly told them that he had experience with using meth and “knew what it should feel like.” Colucci reportedly told them about his purchase at the bar and said that when he tried the product, it did not provide the feeling one should get from using meth. 

Colucci reportedly gave the two baggies to the deputies and said he would like the contents tested to see if it was bath salts. The man said he wanted to make sure the person who sold the drugs to him would be stopped before selling bath salts to others. 

The contents of the bags were reportedly tested on site. According to the police, they tested positive for methamphetamine. 

Colucci told the officers that he was experiencing chest pains, and he was taken to the hospital.  

When he was released, Colucci was booked into the Hernando County Detention Center. It is expected that he will be charged with one felony count of possession of methamphetamine and two misdemeanor counts of possession of drug paraphernalia.  

He was released from custody the following evening on a $7,000 bond.  

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