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Pregnant Woman on Bus Punched in Stomach for Her Seat 

A pregnant woman riding a bus in Philadelphia was reportedly assaulted by a man without permanent housing after she denied his request for her seat. 

Just after 1:30 AM on March 13, a man boarded a crowded Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) bus in Philadelphia. 

The man was unable to find a place to sit, and he reportedly approached a woman that was in one of the seats.  

According to reports, the man asked the woman to let him have her seat. When the woman, who was 2-months pregnant, said she would not give up her place to sit, the man allegedly became verbally physically aggressive. 

It was reported that the man assaulted the woman by punching her and shoving her face into a metal pole. He also allegedly threatened to get off the bus at her stop and continue the attack. 

Afterward, as the driver of the bus was calling the authorities, the alleged assailant reportedly exited the bus and ran away before they arrived. 

The alleged victim was taken to Jefferson University Hospital for what was reported as non-life-threatening injuries after she expressed concerns about her pregnancy because of the blows she received to her stomach. 

The police were able to collect a description, including what they were wearing, of the person believed to have attacked the woman. SEPTA also provided images from their surveillance equipment that depict the man asserted to be the perpetrator. 

When the police found the man, reported as being without a permanent residence, he was reportedly wearing clothing that appeared to be the same as what the suspect wore during the assault. 

The police took the man into custody, and they are awaiting the district attorney’s decision on whether to pursue charges. 

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