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Man Ate Tide Pod and Destroyed Critical Care Unit

In early October, a man who went to the hospital for medical treatment after consuming a Tide Pod allegedly became unruly and broke several thousands of dollars in devices while he was in the critical care unit.

On October 4, medical professionals at Health Mercy Hospital in Iowa were caring for a man who had ingested a Tide Pod and required assistance.

The man, 26-year-old Brandon McVay, was given a bed in the critical care unit where the staff was able to attend to his medical needs.

McVey allegedly climbed out of bed and began hollering while hurling objects around the room causing equipment and items to break before making his way into the hallway outside of his room where he purportedly broke more devices.

Hospital security reportedly held McVey on the floor until an officer arrived and put handcuffs on him.

While surveying the area that the alleged incident took place the officer reported that there was a mess of broken computer equipment and shattered glass on the floor inside the hospital unit. The initial reported cost of the damage caused was over $7500.

The officer took McVey into custody and he is being charged with disorderly conduct, and felony second-degree criminal mischief, for which he could spend over 5 years incarcerated if he is found guilty.

McVey was released from custody after posting $5000 bond on Wednesday.

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