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Man Attacked for Mocking Woman in Wheelchair at Disney World

A drunken Florida man was arrested for his alleged involvement in an altercation at Walt Disney World that broke out after he reportedly made fun of a woman with Down Syndrome.

On January 25, a 62-year-old man was with his wife and a group of friends at the Belle Vue Lounge in The Boardwalk Resort at Disney World. It was reported that he was drinking bourbon and beer, and it was believed that he was intoxicated. At a table nearby, another group of patrons, one of whom was in a wheelchair, were enjoying their time in the establishment when the man reportedly went up to their table.

The girl in the wheelchair has Down Syndrome, and some of her family members were sitting with her. They reported that the man approached them and started making noises. It was believed that the man was mocking her, and the situation intensified when her mother asked him if that was his intention.

It was reported that things turned physical when the man allegedly shoved the woman, slapped another woman across the face, and punched her husband. In response, they all began hitting each other.

When the authorities arrived, they talked to the people involved. A friend of the man who approached the family said they saw the incident as it unfolded, and he watched a man at the table hit his friend in the face with a glass. The police looked around the area, but they reported that they did not find any broken glass. They believed the man accused of mocking the woman was the aggressor, and he was taken into custody.

He was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment, and after he was medically cleared, the man was booked into the Orange County Corrections Center. He is facing preliminary charges of four misdemeanor counts of first-degree battery. According to reports, he pleaded not guilty to the allegations and was released on bond the following day.

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