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Man Battered Wife When TV Show Mentioned Homosexuality

A Florida man was arrested after allegedly becoming physically aggressive towards his wife when a television show she was watching mentioned homosexuality.

Early in the evening on July 6, a 62-year-old man, and his 62-year-old wife of almost 40 years who live together in a home in the Florida retirement community “The Villages” were hanging out and having some drinks. The woman was watching television and the show she had on presented content that her husband deemed homosexual in nature. The man allegedly became very upset by the material.

The situation reportedly became heated, and the man allegedly pushed his wife onto a reclining chair and prevented her from getting up. The woman kicked at her husband to try to get him off her.

Deputies from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office were notified about the alleged domestic unrest, and they went to the couple’s home to investigate the situation.

When they arrived, the deputies reported that the woman had a small injury on her arm that they believed came from her alleged struggle with her husband.

They talked to her husband about the incident, and the man reportedly admitted that he held his wife down on the recliner.

He was taken into custody and booked into the Sumter County Jail, and he may be charged with one count of misdemeanor battery (touch or strike).

The man was released from custody the following day after posting a $500 bond.

It was reported that the man’s wife made it known that she is not planning to press charges against her husband, and she believes the entire situation was blown out of proportion because they were drinking at the time.

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