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Man Facing Many Charges After Battering Wildlife Agent

A Louisiana man who got into a single-vehicle accident was arrested for many charges after allegedly battering an officer who was trying to interact with him.

On July 20, a man driving a Chevy Impala crashed his car and immediately exited the vehicle. A Special Agent with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries spotted the man, who allegedly tried to hide in the woods near the crash site.

The Special Agent tried to tell the man to come out of the woods, but he reportedly refused and hit the agent before running away. The agent was able to catch the man, and he held him while he notified the authorities.

The Saint Helena Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the report and asked the man to identify himself. He allegedly gave them false information, but they could still identify him later.

When the man was searched, the authorities reported that he was holding many illegal drugs and paraphernalia.

The police checked the woods and found cocaine, meth, heroin, and needles on the ground. They believe the items belonged to the man.

The suspect was arrested and booked into the Saint Helena Parish Jail. He has been initially charged by the sheriff’s office with a multitude of criminal offenses, including one felony count of battery of a police officer, one felony could of resisting an officer with force or violence, one felony count of obstruction of justice by disposal of evidence, one felony count of possession with the intent to distribute schedule I CDS to wit Heroin, one felony count of possession with the intent to distribute schedule II CDS to wit cocaine, one felony count of possession with the intent to distribute schedule I CDS to wit methamphetamine “Ice,” one felony count of illegal possession of drug paraphernalia, one felony count of taking contraband into a penal institution to wit cannabis marijuana and a butane lighter, and two felony counts of NCIC fugitive from other jurisdictions. He is also facing a range of misdemeanor charges, including one count of resisting an officer by flight on foot, one count of resisting an officer by refusing to identify, and one count for possession of a Schedule I CDS to wit cannabis marijuana.

Additionally, the State Police are seeking charges of a fourth offense of driving under the influence, failure to obey a court order, and motor vehicle and traffic violations.

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