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Man Called CNN and Threatened Shooting Spree Over “Fake News”

During a two day period, a man from Michigan was accused of placing a number of phone calls to CNN headquarters and threatening to shoot the employees for reporting what he believes is fake news.

Between January 9 and 10 CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, reportedly received 22 phone calls, four of which containing threats against their station employees. The caller, later identified as 22-year-old Brandon Griesemer from Novi, Michigan, allegedly spoke of bringing firearms to the building and shooting staff members due to his belief that they are a source of fake news distribution. He also made derogatory comments against black and Jewish people.

One of the investigators employed by CNN traced the phone number of the calls and discovered that it belonged to Griesemer’s father. While recording a call that was placed to the number the investigator spoke with a man who said his name was Brandon. When the calls making threats to the station were compared to the recorded call by the investigator it was determined that the voice sounded very similar.

CNN notified both local and federal authorities, and the calls placed were tracked to a cell phone tower close to Griesemer’s residence.

Griesemer made a statement to a Detroit news station explaining that he suffers from depression and other mental illnesses and that he did not have the intention of causing harm to anyone. His father disclosed that they do not own any guns and believes that his son, who lives at home with his parents, did not know the seriousness of what he is accused of saying in the phone calls.

Griesemer has been charged with interstate communications with intent to extort, threaten or injure, and he was released on a $10,000 unsecured bond. Additionally, the judge assigned conditions to his release such as restricting his travel to the local area, maintaining his employment, and submission to a mental health evaluation. He was also ordered to seek psychiatric treatment.

Griesemer is scheduled for his next appearance in court on February 9.

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