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Man Charged After Planning to Meet 13-Year-Old for Sex

An Indiana man is facing charges for allegedly engaging in behavior deemed sexual in nature with two young girls on separate occasions.

Dylan Hyde met a young lady through a mutual friend a few months ago and the two decided to continue getting to know each other. 19-year-old Hyde was under the impression that the girl was 13-years-old, but he later learned that she was 12.

Hyde allegedly began proposing that the teen share pictures of herself without clothing on, which she reportedly complied with. Hyde, using the Snapchat application, then sent the girl naked pictures and recordings of himself which contained sexual behavior.

The girl agreed to meet Hyde at the Scottsburg Rollerdrome skating rink when he allegedly told her that he knew of a location in the back of the establishment that was out of view of the security cameras where they could have intercourse. When the pair showed up for the occasion they were unable to execute their intimate plans because several of their friends were also at the rink, leaving Hyde and the girl without any time alone in order to have sex.

On March 31, Scottsburg police were notified by the mother of the 12-year-old when she learned of the situation between her daughter and Hyde. She also disclosed that she believed a second girl, age 13, was involved in an improper and sexually based connection with Hyde.

After they received the report officers went to the skating rink and interviewed the mother of the 12-year-old girl and the woman confirmed the allegations about Hyde sending her daughter sexual content through Snapchat. When police spoke with the teen she explained how she had met Hyde and admitted to sending and receiving the digital content. She also discussed their plan to have sex behind the rink but stated that they had not followed through with the act.

The authorities located Hyde and questioned him about the allegations. He disclosed that he knew the girl and he believed at first that she was 13. He also stated that she had forwarded him images of herself before he sent anything to her.

When Hyde was asked about the existence of a second girl he said that he was currently in a relationship with a 13-year-old and that they were “in love.” The girl was questioned by the authorities and she confirmed that she was in a love relationship with the suspect. Both Hyde and his girlfriend reportedly had corroborating stories about sending each other nude digital images, and shared their intention to have sex behind the rink, which they were unable to carry out.

On May 4, Scottsburg police took Hyde into custody and he was booked in the Scott County Detention Center where he faces charges of two counts of child molestation, two counts of child solicitation, and four counts of dissemination of matter harmful to minors; a total of 8 felony counts.

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