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Man Charged for Assaulting Child Rapist in the Act

A man from Ohio is facing criminal charges for intervening with physical violence when he saw a teenager reportedly molesting a 5-year-old.

While taking part in a recent live interview with a local news station, 20-year-old Richard Adams presented his point of view while sharing a recollection of the events that took place on March 21 that resulted in his arrest.

As Adams discussed his version of the reportedly disturbing episode that he encountered he painted a rather vivid depiction of the scene which took place while he was tending to his laundry.

When Adams walked outside of the home for a few minutes he said that he returned to find a 17-year-old young man in the midst of molesting a preschool boy, age 5. The youngster’s bottoms were said to have been pulled all the way down, and Adam’s stated that he discovered that the teen was performing fellatio on the child.

While Adams asked him questions about the situation the boy indicated that the teenager was touching him “right there,” purportedly referring to his penis, and had also done so the previous night.

Adams admitted that he reacted with physical aggression when he saw the alleged rape and after he separated the perpetrator from the boy he reportedly “flew into a rage and started beating the teen” instead of waiting for the authorities to arrive. He disclosed his fear that the sexual assault would have continued had he not stepped in.

The suspect of the sexual assault was arrested and he is facing charges for rape, while Adams was also apprehended and charged for felony assault based on accusations that his decision to take the law into his own hands was criminal in nature.

Adams, who said that he is a survivor of child sexual assault and is additionally about to become a new father, said that he wishes for “everyone to stop all the child offenders and predators out there” because he doesn’t “want any child to have to go through that.”

The Eastlake Police reported that they have been receiving a lot of flak from the public based on the charges against Adams since they posted the details of the arrest online, and a lot of the commenters view him as a hero and not a criminal. In response, they issued that “to attack people within the system to achieve a certain outcome is not what justice is about.”

Adams was released on $5000 bail and he is scheduled to appear in court for the charges in April.

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