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Man Attacked Disoriented Elderly Woman on Subway

A Yonkers man has been accused of violently assaulting a 78-year-old woman on the subway after she reportedly threatened to harm him and his family.

On March 10, 36-year-old Marc Gomez was riding a Subway in The Bronx with his fiancée and her preteen daughter when they encountered an elderly homeless woman who was lying across a row of seats.

The woman, who was preventing passengers from sitting during the ride, was said to have turned her attention toward Gomez and his family-to-be as she became boisterous in an assumed attempt to intimidate them.

In an interview with the media regarding the incident, Gomez’s fiancée stated that the woman began to threaten their lives, in addition to ranting about stabbing people.

When they were getting off of the train at their destination the woman was perceived as advancing toward Gomez, and she appeared to be holding a dangerous object while again shouting that she would kill all three of them.

When Gomez’s future stepdaughter became the focus of the woman’s death threats he allegedly responded by kicking her six times while verbally asserting that he would not tolerate her menacing behavior.

Gomez and his companions left the subway, and when it reached the next stop one of the passengers notified an officer about the alleged attack on the woman, who was still inside of the train.

Some of the other riders on board began to film the event starting at the point that Gomez reportedly reacted violently and the footage was posted on Twitter where it was viewed by over 10,000 people.

Since the recording had circulated so rapidly, Gomez’s coworkers eventually came across it and issued his personal information to the authorities.

On Saturday morning, officers took Gomez into custody when they found him at the restaurant where he works.

Gomez was booked and charged with felony assault for allegations that his attack upon the woman was unwarranted.

Someone who used to live close to the alleged victim’s former home came forward with a statement reporting that the woman suffers from mental illnesses and has threatened to stab others in the past. Social and medical services were extended to the woman following the incident.

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