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Man in the Doghouse for Visiting Pet Store While Nude From the Waist Down

On November 25, a man was suspected of lewdness when he allegedly brought his dog into a pet store while wearing only a T-shirt while he conducted business as usual.

Employees at the Petco pet supply store in Palmer Township, Pennsylvania, reportedly encountered a man without proper attire who brought his dog into the store. 55-year-old Kevin Steele allegedly entered the establishment wearing only a long Kansas City Chiefs T-shirt, and he did not have any pants or undergarments on.

Steele took his dog to the medical clinic area of the store and acquired a rabies shot for his pet. Afterward, he went to the cash register and paid his bill with his genitals in view of the patrons and employees. He then left the store with his dog and pulled away in his vehicle.

Petco staff members took down Steele’s license plate number before he left the parking lot, and they notified the authorities about what had happened.  When the police went to Steele’s home officers reported that he was still wearing nothing but the T-shirt when he arrived at the door to greet them.

Steele is facing charges of disorderly conduct and open lewdness, for which he declined his preliminary hearing. He posted $2,500 unsecured bail and is awaiting trial.

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