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Man Groped 11-Year-Old Girl After Luring Her into Car  

A Pennsylvania man is being held without bail after allegedly taking a young girl to his home by luring her into his car under the guise of giving her a ride. 

On March 26, an 11-year-old girl was riding her bicycle. She reportedly planned to pedal from Youngwood to Pittsburgh, which is approximately 40 miles, to visit a family member. 

When she became tired, the girl stopped at a gas station to take a rest. There was a Dollar General nearby, and she took a walk to the store. 

According to reports, a man who works at the store walked up to the girl and began talking to her. He allegedly told her to go back to the gas station to wait for him, and he would drive her anyplace she wanted to go when he was off work. 

The man picked up the girl, and when she did not return home, her grandmother called the authorities to report her missing. 

The authorities searched for the youngster, and her bike was found at the gas station. Police bloodhounds picked up her scent in the vicinity. 

It was reported that when the girl was in the car, she told the man she wanted to be taken to her friend’s home. The man reportedly brought her to his house first, and she waited in the car while he went inside for a few minutes. He also allegedly inappropriately touched her under the clothing in the car. 

By tracing the IP on the iPad that the child had with her, the authorities were able to locate her. 

The suspect was found at his second job. He reportedly told the authorities that he used to like 16-year-olds, but he stopped when he became a born-again Christian. 

He was taken into custody and booked into the Westmoreland County Prison. He has been preliminarily charged with luring a child into a motor vehicle and interfering with the custody of children. 

Currently, he remains incarcerated without bond. 

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