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Man Holding Sword Paced Outside Dollar General

A suspect with a sword in his hand was reportedly circling the perimeter of a Saxonburg Borough Dollar General store, and he was arrested for the alleged event.

On August 9, a man identified as 34-year-old Kenneth Connor was reportedly hanging out outside of a Dollar General discount store in Butler County, PA.

While the Saxonburg man was on the premises, he allegedly began to pace around the property while holding what was purported to be a sword in his hand.

The manager of the Dollar General spotted Connor, and after keeping an eye on the man, he noticed that the sword-carrying suspect had been on the premises for a long time.

The authorities were notified about the situation, and officers went to the location.

The officers reported that Connor was still walking around the premises when they arrived, and they believed the sword was authentic and not a prop, so they asked him to drop the potential weapon.

It was reported that Connor complied with the request, but when the officers tried to retrieve the item, the man attempted to intervene by charging toward the sword and trying to clutch it.

The troopers tried to detain Connor, who they said was very uncooperative, and the man allegedly became involved in a physical struggle with one of the officers.

The trooper said that Connor caused him to drop to his knees, and he was left with injuries as a result.

Connor was placed under arrest, and he required medical treatment at the Butler Memorial Hospital before being booked.

The authorities reported that they are still in the process of filing official charges against Connor for the alleged incident.

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