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Inflated Temper Over Slurpee Price Led to Icy Assault

A Florida man is facing a felony charge after he allegedly threw the contents of a Slurpee cup at a 7-11 employee when he reportedly became angered over the cost of the frozen beverage.

Just after 9:00 am on July 28, an employee at a Pinellas Park 7-11 was working their shift at the register when a man approached the counter with a Slurpee in his hand.

The man, later identified as 40-year-old Brian Duffy, reportedly believed the cost of the drink was too high, and he allegedly began a verbal altercation with the worker about his frustration.

The employee had picked up the beverage from the counter where Duffy reportedly placed it, and Duffy allegedly used the back of his hand to swat at the drink while the worker was holding the cup.

The contents of the cup reportedly splattered all over the employee, who notified the Pinellas Park Police Department about the alleged incident.

The police collected and reviewed the surveillance video from the store’s security camera, and it was reported in the official affidavit that the alleged victim’s report coincided with what they saw in the footage.

On August 7, the alleged victim was working when Duffy reportedly returned to the establishment.

Law enforcement was present at the time, and the worker identified Duffy as the man with whom they had the altercation on July 28.

The officer reportedly approached Duffy and Mirandized the man for the allegations.

When he talked with the officer about the situation, Duffy, who was recorded as homeless, reportedly said “there was an incident at 7-11 where he was being charged too much for a drink.”

Duffy was taken to the Pinellas County Jail, and he is expected to face charges for felony battery.

He was incarcerated on a $2,500 bail, and he is disallowed from making contact with the victim, as well as barred from going back to the 7-11.

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