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Man Illegally Toting Gun Shot Himself in the Crotch

A man who was allegedly carrying an unlicensed firearm is suffering twofold consequences after the piece accidentally fired a round into his privates leaving him wounded physically and legally.

At the end of February, a man was reportedly strolling down the street with a 9mm handgun tucked into the front of his pants. When the man realized that the pistol had shifted he reached down to adjust himself resulting in the weapon releasing a bullet from the chamber into his genital region.

The man went to the hospital for medical intervention and it was reported that the lead left a hole by entering directly above his penis, and it exited through his testicles.

The authorities were notified and went to the hospital to collect a statement from the patient, who recounted the tale of accidental woe.

When learning that the man, identified as 46-year-old Mark Anthony Jones, did not appear to hold a license permitting him to carry the firearm a case was filed and Jones is facing a misdemeanor charge for the alleged oversight.

Jones, who lives in Indiana where one does not need a permit for carrying a handgun, has been accused of failing to submit the required application to obtain the license that the state does require.

If the county prosecutor’s office should decide to go forward with the charges, Jones could be facing up to a year of incarceration in addition to a possible financial penalty of up to $5000.

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