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Online Stalker Facing 23 Felonies

A woman who was legally prohibited from using social media has been accused of acting in defiance of the order by allegedly stalking several people through digital means.

A few months ago in Alabama, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office had a collection of reports from people claiming that they had been the victim of online harassment.

Since it is reportedly a detailed process to look into this type of activity, the Sheriff’s Office stated that they had to perform a “lengthy investigation” in order to try to validate the accusations that were made.

The IP addresses connected to the reported online bullying were said to be used in order to try to locate the source of the alleged digital harassment being doled out.

When the authorities believed they had pinpointed the home from where the messages were sent they found that it was the residence of 48-year-old Catherine Patterson.

Patterson, who had previously been issued a social media ban from the court, had been named as the perpetrator of the alleged online torment by the people who initially reported it. Due to the alleged alignment of the details, the investigators were able to receive legal rights to inspect her dwelling.

While they were inside, the authorities reported that Patterson’s home contained several electronics. It was additionally purported that the devices were possible evidence showing that Patterson was, in fact, the responsible party in the allegedly unwelcome computer-mediated interactions.

Based on their findings, Patterson, who was reported as personally knowing each of the people that reported her for the incidents, was taken into custody and charged with 23 separate felony charges for aggravated stalking.

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