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Man in Moving Car Pelted Road Worker with Giant Pickle

When a passenger in a car going down the highway reportedly propelled a pickle out of the vehicle’s window, it allegedly hit an on-duty Agency of Transportation highway worker.

Early in the evening on June 1, the Vermont Agency of Transportation had workers stationed on U.S. Route 7 in Pownal.

While one of the employees was performing his duties, he said he noticed that a car drove past at a high speed.

After the vehicle reportedly whizzed by, the man said he was hit with something that hurt him. The 59-year-old alleged victim asserted that something had been thrown out the window of the car.

The Vermont State Police were notified about the incident, and troopers went to the location to investigate.

When speaking with the site supervisor and the alleged victim, the authorities reported that they collected a description of the vehicle and used it to track down the alleged offender.

While looking around the scene, a sizeable pickle was found, and it was surmised that it was the object that made contact with the worker.

When a car with characteristics matching the ones given at the scene of the reported event was spotted, troopers determined that the passenger was the likely suspect they were seeking in the alleged pickle assault.

After initiating contact with the people in the vehicle, the police concluded that the passenger in the car, identified as 34-year-old Christoph Herrmannsdoerfer, had thrown the pickle out of the moving vehicle.

Herrmannsdoerfer was given a citation for suspicion of misdemeanor simple assault for the allegations. He is expected to appear in the Vermont Superior Court on July 20.

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