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Rapper Prompted Public to Use Violence Towards Police

An aspiring rap recording artist allegedly made a video and posted it to social media in a purported attempt to encourage viewers to take violent action toward law enforcement agents in retaliation of the death of George Floyd.

20-year-old Cale Groff has an internet following of more than 7,000 people on Instagram, and he uses the performing name “Ace $wift” on the audio distribution service SoundCloud to share his rap music with over 300 people who subscribe to his page.

On June 1, Groff allegedly released a video on Instagram asking viewers to use whatever they could get their hands on to violently harm any police officers they came in contact with.

Groff was quoted in part of the clip as stating, “If you see a police [SIC], stop and shoot him, kill him. Throw a brick at his head or whatever’s in your hand.” In the video, he also allegedly asked people to come together at a mall in St. Petersburg, Florida, so they could collectively break the windows with bricks.

According to the arrest affidavit, based on the content of the recording, Groff was purportedly trying to incite unrest between citizens and law enforcement due to the circumstances of George Floyd’s tragic death on Memorial Day in Minneapolis.

News outlets have stated that Groff used Twitter three days prior to the release of the alleged Instagram clip and said, “’We are not the same we cannot coexist.”

It was additionally reported that all of the content on Groff’s Instagram account, including the alleged offending video, has been taken off the site.

On June 2, Groff was taken into custody by the St. Petersburg Police Department, and he is expected to face a felony charge for making threatening communications or threats of a mass shooting.

Groff was released from custody later in the afternoon after posting a $20,000 bond.

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