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Man Offers Burger as Barter in Deal With Presumed Prostitute

After an undercover agent was allegedly propositioned with a deal to accept food as payment to perform a sexual act, the man who reportedly made the offer is now facing legal repercussions.

On December 1, a man allegedly tried to solicit the services of a woman that he believed to be a prostitute. The 57-year-old man, identified as Frank Caponi, reportedly approached a police officer who was posing as a sex worker and tried to arrange to perform oral sex upon her.

Instead of negotiating a cash price, Caponi has been accused of using a noteworthy currency consisting of a hamburger as payment for the service.

Just after 3:00 pm, the St. Petersburg police came into contact with Caponi and he was taken into custody.

When they asked him about the incident regarding the undercover officer, the police reported that after reading him his Miranda rights, Caponi told them that he talked to the woman about sex.

Caponi was taken to the county jail and charged with one count of misdemeanor prostitution. Later that night he paid $250 bond and he was released from custody.

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