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Suspect Charged for Scalding Woman With Grease During Fight

A woman has been accused of assaulting a person that she was engaged in an argument with by dumping hot grease on the alleged victim.

On December 2, 61-year-old Charlene Thompson had a visitor at her Mt. Airy home and the two reportedly had a disagreement which escalated to the point that one of the women sustained physical injuries. Thompson has been accused of assaulting the alleged victim by splashing hot grease on the woman’s body during the fight.

When the police arrived at Thompson’s home they reported that the alleged victim was burned severely on her back and arms. They purported that this was the result of Thompson throwing the hot oil at her.

Thompson, who has been charged with more than one felony in the past, was taken into custody and booked into the Hamilton County Jail where she is facing a charge for felonious assault.

On Wednesday, at Thompson’s arraignment hearing, the prosecutor asked the judge to issue a high dollar amount for her bond basing his request on the purported amount of suffering that the victim had been put through.

Her defense attorney argued that a bond should not be determined based on the amount of purported suffering of a victim, and further pointed out that while Thompson does have a record of prior felonies she has not been in that kind of trouble for over 20 years.

The judge ordered that Thompson’s bond would be $15,000, and she is prohibited from making any kind of contact with the alleged victim. She is due back in court on December 14 regarding the charge.

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